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Re: Calendar Software needed

    Yes, but you have to pay for yours. Some of us open-source programmers
    are trying to give teachers good, yet FREE solutions. Most schools and
    teachers don't have the budget for software or hosting, yet
    open-source software provides teachers and schools with the equivelent
    of everything from a Windows operating system to Adobe Photoshop
    graphics software, and more--for free. And most of the open-source
    alternatives to Windows, Adobe, and the like are just as good, if not
    better. Not to mention more bug free and less virus prone.
    RavenOn 1/15/06, George Sexton wrote:
    > If you're interested in a remotely hosted calendar solution, you
    > might be interested in our offering. We run the software on our
    > servers for you. There is nothing to install. Its extremely powerful
    > and works well for an individual, a single school, or a whole school
    > district. Here are links to some of our existing school customers:
    > Chelmsford School district:
    > Stargate Charter School
    > Chinese Christian Schools
    > Chaparral HS, Parker CO