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Re: Search Box ?

    Well Duh, php isn't the only language. My point was that she'd
    have to program to get that (other than the google search).
    RavenOn 2/12/06, megan wrote:
    > php isn't the only scripting language that can provide site
    > search functionality to your site. check with your host and
    > find out what scripting languages are supported (e.g. php,
    > coldfusion, asp(vbscript), .net, jsp, perl, python, ruby,
    > lasso, ihtml,... etc.) once you know which ones are
    > supported you can look for a free or inexpensive script to
    > install and use
    > also, a really easy way is to use the google search box with
    > site search (it is just cut and paste bit of code)
    > also check out the info at
    > or there are a number of free services to pick from, like
    > or crawl-it at
    > bin/crawlit/registration/startup.showWhatIsF
    > or bravenet has one
    > just google for it and look over the options
    > hth ~megan