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Re: Creating menus in CSS? Is it possible?

    again, I was just trying to point out as many options as possible -
    not every option is optimal in every situation, it's just that when
    people are looking for answers, the more options they know about,
    the more they can explore and find what they feel is right for them.~megan

    On 2/12/06, Raven wrote:
    > Most code that is CSS for multilevel only works in IE, alienating
    > anyone using Opera, Mozilla Firefox, or Netscape.
    > That's not a great option.
    > Raven
    > On 2/12/06, megan wrote:
    >> To take a look at what is possible for menus using css visit
    >> also you CAN make expanding (multilevel) menus using only css -
    >> here is one example (view source on the page to see code)
    >> and if you want a separate include file for the menu you don't
    >> have to use php, check and see if your host supports server side
    >> includes (ssi)
    >> some info
    >> hth ~megan