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Re: web design for idiots

    As teachers, I was wondering what you think of the site It was created by a teachers. Any feedback
    would be appreciated.On 3/12/06, total novice wrote:
    >> I have a site I developed that is secure and allows a teacher
    >> to create a course. The site would allow you to do what you
    >> want without having to learn Html and is free.
    > Wow, Chad,
    > Thanks for your post, but I have to say that your site is way
    > to sophisticated/advanced for me to figure out. I am more of
    > click and drag kinda novice. Maybe I have missed the feature
    > that you mentioned. I went to Edline and found the moodle
    > information. Is that what you meant me to see? I am not sure
    > I am up to it.
    > Still looking (but many thanks, anyway),
    > Total Novice