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Re: Website Question, Thanks Megan, nfm

    On 6/19/06, megan wrote:
    > Sorry, No, publisher does not do well for that, it is created for
    > making publications that will be printed out. Print work is very
    > very different than web work. If you are serious about learning
    > more then you don't need fancy software - just a text editor (try
    > the free notetab lite from and get Head First HTML
    > with CSS & XHTML by Elisabeth Freeman, Eric Freeman
    > or you can get your feet wet with Build Your Own Web Site The
    > Right Way Using HTML & CSS from
    > there are some free
    > downloadable chapters
    > Either of these will get you started out on the right track.
    > later you can play with wysiwyg software and use it to save time
    > etc.
    > just my .02 , megan