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Re: Research on using a Classroom Website

    Thank you!On 9/01/06, Thomas wrote:
    > On 8/28/06, Karen wrote:
    >> Can anyone help me? I\\\'m getting a degree in
    >> Technology and would like to do some research on the
    >> effectiveness of a classroom website and how it effects
    >> learning. I\\\'ve been to all the \"standard\" places, but
    >> does anyone know of any recent research? Thanks!
    > Hi Karen,
    > I\'m not a teacher but I\'m testing a new web research
    tool I\'m
    > developing to help students/teachers research topics faster.
    > Anyway after a few minutes using the software I came across
    > some results that might help get you started. Instead of
    > giving individual links I\'ve included the entire list of
    > results from google. The first results page alone references
    > many articles about the digital classroom. On page two you
    > find which seems more dedicated to
    > developing classroom websites. Let me know if it helps.
    > Thomas
    > Here\'s the link: