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Re: PC or Mac (laptop purchase)?

    I've used both, but I hadn't used a Mac in years. I wanted a
    Mac for the exact same reasons as you did. I bought one about
    2 months ago and LOVE IT. I do need XP for work, so I have
    Parallels with Windows XP on it. That's the only reason I use
    XP. I got a good deal (teacher discount) on Final Cut Express
    HD, no software is as good as this.I went Mac and never looked back.

    On 1/10/07, Need to buy one ASAP wrote:
    > Buying a new laptop. I need it for video editting, photos,
    > Flash (creating docs), games (my husband plays some),
    > internet, and basic computing applications. The Dell I'm
    > looking at is about $2000 and the Mac I'm looking at is
    > $2500.
    > Do you think a Mac is worth the money? I'm becoming partial
    > to them, even though I'm writing this from a Dell desktop.
    > One thing that is selling me on the Mac is they do last a
    > long time, you typically don't have the rebooting problems,
    > adn there aren't the virus issues. Also, the laptop is just
    > really cool!!!