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another request to view a website and help

    Hi Some people using IE seem to be having trouble loading my
    class website. I have checked with IE and have no trouble.

    I have not idea why this is the case and what to do about
    it. I've asked a student to try some recommendations for
    changing settings for IE, but none of the recommendations
    applied to version 7.? he was using.

    I feel it is something to do with Flash text and a roll
    over, but even when I removed the roll over, my 'test
    student' still could not get the page to load and function
    correctly. I really don't want to remove all the flash text
    unless I really know this is the cause of the trouble.

    and if it is - how can I keep the text buttons and stop the
    problem? The site was made with Dreamweaver MX education
    version, so it is a bit old. As you will see, it doesn't
    use CSS, which the student was trying to blame.

    if you have time and ability to help - it will be much
    appreciated. I've dabbled in my few spare moments for
    several months with nothing accomplished and many
    frustrated students.