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Re: Lesson Plan Submission Script????

    I hadn't thought about using php to actually edit the html page
    (the source) itself (vs. storing it on the database). But yes,
    she'd have to have teachers with their own pages so that there
    wouldnt' be any conflicts in editing the file.
    On 3/29/

    07, Max wrote:
    > Mae ...
    > How many plans will there be, and what does a plan look like?
    > Specifically,
    > I'm asking because if you created one section on
    > a page for each teacher, they could be able to log-in
    > and change the text on their section only, over-writing
    > it each time they change the lesson plan.
    > I'm not sure what lesson plans are and what they look like.
    > You would need to determine if your webhosting allows
    > PHP scripting. It's possible could be done easily without
    > a database.
    > -Max-