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Re: Darn .... this crappy forum

    On 4/01/07, Max wrote:
    > I forgot that on this crappy
    > forum script, you can't show tags ...
    >> Mr. Smith - Geography<.br /.>
    >> <.?php include('01.txt')?.>
    >> <.br /.><.br /.>
    >> Mr. Johnson - Science<.br /.>
    >> <.?php include('02.txt')?>
    >> <.br /.><.br /.>
    >> Mrs. Anderson - English<.br /.>
    >> <.?php include('03.txt')?.>
    >> etc...
    >>I know that--I was saying that if you didn't want separate pages for each
    lesson plan or teacher's lesson plans, that doing it that way would cause a
    conflict if two teachers tried to edit the same file, be it text files
    included or html files.