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Re: Web Design Contests?

    Would they submit a URL to their online site, or would they
    actually submit all of their HTML/CSS/Image files to have their
    site (pages) hosted on someone else's server?I'm guessing most high school students won't have the money
    to use a webhost for their own websites. So they will have
    to design their website offline and somehow have all of their
    files sent to a server and then hosted on that server.

    If they actually all have their own online websites, a voting
    system (by voting for URL's) would be very easy to do.

    Describe in detail how exactly you want it to work.


    On 10/23/07, CStchr wrote:
    > Does anyone know of a web design contest for high school
    > students? It doesn't have to be ONLY a contest in web
    > design, i.e. it can be history competition which allows for
    > submission of student created websites.
    > Thanks in advance for your help!