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Re: Any Frontpage Experts Here????
in the same boat! (Z) w/ ques for Max

    On 1/06/08, Mae wrote:
    > Mae ...
    > Your form sends information to a server-side script
    > that is written in PHP or Perl. If your webhost
    > allows PHP scripting, that's what you should use.
    > I realize you mentioned you don't have the technical
    > skills for programming. This isn't a FrontPage issue.
    > Email me privately on this one.
    > Use the contact form on my site...
    > MaxI'm trying to create a visitor feedback form. My hosting
    service provider is Lunarpages, and they support Frontpage,
    but they are VERY strict about mailform and all of that.

    I created my form, complete with a thank you page and all.
    But I can't get it to take. Lunarpages disabled all mailform
    type scripts and advices using the nms version. Is that why
    my Frontpage enabled script won't work?

    Thanks Max!