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Re: 100 days Bulletin board ideas
Annette Alleyne

    On 1/18/07, Lanette wrote:
    > On 1/28/02, Char wrote:
    >> On 1/26/02, Traci wrote:
    >>> I'm currently student teaching and trying to come up with
    >>> some ideas for a great 100 day bulletin board slogans, Can
    >>> anyone recommend one for me? Thanks Traci
    >> How about "100 Days of Learning and Fun!"
    >> Have the kids write about what they've learned in the first
    > 100
    >> days of school.
    > 100 US Senators. Get a map of the United States. Cut out the
    > states and have students color each one. Put the map together
    > on your bulletin board like a puzzle. Copy the name and the
    > pictures of the Senators from the Internet and tape them
    > the map. Use yarn to link the picture to each state.Cut out 100 stamps about 4inches square on all sides. make the
    edges curly like a real stamp. have students find pictures or
    draw 100 famous people and write their names and one sentence
    below the picture.