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Re: 100 day countdown - Would love the poem and pattern also

    On 1/18/06, Lisa wrote:
    > I'd love to get at least the poem. If anyone has it that would be great!
    > Thanks,
    > Lisa
    > On 1/11/06, Joyce wrote:
    >> I'm a new teacher and our school is coming up on the 100th day. I am not sure what
    >> this foot pattern and poem are, but anything would be helpful!! Thanks in advance
    >> On 1/03/06, Sabrina wrote:
    >>> On 7/04/05, Angie Dangel wrote:
    >>>> I would love a copy of the foot pattern and poem.
    >>>> E-mail:
    >>>> On 3/24/05, Stacie wrote:
    >>>>> Hi Would I please be able to get the poem and pattern for the 100th. That
    >>>>> would be great. YOu can email it to me at
    >>>>> Thanks
    >>>>> Please e-mail me a copy of anything you have. Blessings and thanks!
    >>>>>>>>> Shelly, I would also love to get the poem and tennis shoe (or what ever
    >>>>>>>>> pattern you use) also.
    >>>>>>>>> Thanks
    >>>>>>>>> Marion
    >>>>>>>> Shelly, please e-mail me the poem as well. Thanks.Joan
    >>>>>>> I'd be happy to mail the template and poem. Please send me a snail mail
    >>>>>>> address. Shelly
    >>>>>> Shelly, I would also like to receive the pattern,poem and any other info you
    >>>>>> would care to share on the 100 day of school!
    >>>>>> Thanks!
    >>> I would like a copy also:)