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Re: 100 Valentines for the Military
Marva Neal

    On 8/08/04, Joel wrote:
    > On 2/10/04, Farrah Ashcraft wrote:
    >> On 1/28/03, Wizzie wrote:
    >>> Thanks for your response. Please send your letters and cards
    >>> On 1/24/03, Vergie wrote:
    >>>> How can I do this? I would love for my children and their
    >>>> class to make Valentine's for the troops. Is there an
    >>>> address?
    >>>> I am a member of Familes Attached to Military (FAM),. Our
    >>>>> sole purpose is to show support to our military and we do
    >>>>> this by sending cards, letter and care packages to many
    >>>>> sights which represent all branches of the Military. I just
    >>>>> received an email from a teacher whose class has made 100
    >>>>> valentine's Day Cards and would like to send them to our
    >>>>> deployed troops. If anyone elese is interested, please
    >>>>> email me for the details.
    > .
    > thanks. then go to
    > jobs
    HiThis project seems like it would be quite intersting. Please send
    me more info about this project.