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    Re: 100 day project

    On 1/31/10, M Schenk wrote:
    > On 1/23/05, Tammy wrote:
    >> I need a project for my son and me to do for the one
    >> hundred days of school. Something really good because he
    >> will be in contest with other students.
    >> Thanks,
    >> Tammy
    > I bought round floral styrofoam , made a "cake" out of a few
    > of them , frosted it and put in 100 candles .... everyone
    > loved it . And since it was Styrofoam it held up for
    > display !

    My daughter has to turn in a project too! In keeping with the
    other persons idea, we were thinking of buying floral styrofoam
    and a flower pot and sticking 100 dum-dum suckers in it. Hope
    your son wins