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Re: Centers in a 5th grade classroom
Adrienne Savage

    On 8/17/07, Rachael wrote:
    > PLEASE E_MAIL ME ALL of your 5th Grade center ideas. It is a
    > before school- I was told I was mving frmo 8th to first- bought
    > and made everything over the summer for first, now they are
    > making me take 5th!!!!!! I am hoping I can use alot of what i
    > bought for first grade centers even in 5th, as I have a lot of
    > lower level kids... :( HELP! PLEASE E_MAIL ME AS MANY &37;TH
    > On 8/06/07, Nashona wrote:
    >> Hello, Cassie
    >> I can use those center activities for my 5th grade Math class,
    >> can you please send them to me as well. My email is
    >> Thanks a lot.
    >> On 8/01/07, Becky wrote:
    >>> Cassie,HI, Can you send me ideas as well for easy set up great centers
    for the 5th grade classrom? I would really appreciate it.

    >>> I teach at the middle school level and I use them in my
    >>> classroom. MOST of the kids love them. Some of mine look
    >>> very elementary and the kids don't mind at all. I have some
    >>> on my computer, if you'll send me your email address I'll
    >>> send you some. Oh, it's Math. You could use the format if
    >>> you're looking for using them in a different subject area
    >>> also.
    >>> Becky