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Re: First grade centers

    My centers/stations have always been "lacking"..... seriously
    lacking! I have done workshops this summer, and I have so
    many exciting ideas! I teach first grade also. I went to a
    Debbie Diller workshop, and it was great! She
    wrote "Literacy Work Stations" Making Centers Work! This
    book gives a step by step way to do centers/stations. I am
    going to put my students in pairs this year. At first I
    thought it would be difficult to keep up with all the
    centers. but after going to her workshop and reading the
    book, I know it is going to be a big plus in my room. If you
    can get the book... If not, email me privately and I will
    give you some ideas. Good Luck!

    On 8/06/07, Moe wrote:
    > Hi! I am looking for some center ideas for my first
    > graders and some ways to rotate the groups. What
    > categories do you have for your centers? How do you rotate
    > them? Also, how do you keep them new and interesting so
    > that students do not become bored quickly? Any good ways
    > to introduce centers at the beginning of the year?
    > FYI - I am doing a fun fish-themed classroom this year and
    > could always use ideas for that as well as clever ways to
    > tie in centers/groups with my theme.
    > Thank you for your help!