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    Re: kindergarten chair pocket PATTERN

    I'm making some for my kindergarten and 2nd grade teachers of
    my children. If you're interested in how I madke mine, let me
    know. I am going to fit them next week, as I made up a trial
    run but need to get it onto an actual chair first. I may need
    to make some adjustments. I used old jeans, and cargo pants
    to make the pocket, with an elastic in the top of the pocket
    to keep things from dangling and hanging out. I think jean
    would be more sturdy than a simple cotton. Bottomweight
    fabrics should work too, as they are heavier.

    On 8/13/11, Debbie wrote:
    > I need a pattern for chair pockets that fit kindergarten
    > chairs. I do NOT want to purchase ready made - I'm a widow
    > and cannot afford to buy a full set of 25 pockets.
    > Thanks for the pattern.
    > Debbie