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Eiffel Tower: The Symbol of Paris Skyline
Hillol Ray

    Eiffel Tower: The Symbol of Paris Skyline
    Hillol Ray
    Garland, Texas, USA
    Web Site: skyline of Paris can’t be imagined
    Without its symbol, the Eiffel Tower**-
    Located in the bank of River Seine,
    It represents an awesome design power!
    Built as the entrance arch to the Paris Exhibition
    In 1889 with majestic glory and art-
    It symbolized the centennial of French Revolution,
    And still tantalizes the global heart!
    Out of 700 proposals, one was unanimously selected,
    Designed by Monsieur Eiffel-
    And has become one of the premier tourist attractions
    To tell us the tale!

    Gustave Eiffel, the ‘Magician of Iron’,
    Was the tower’s designer, who faced enormous toll-
    Followed by skepticism from many critics,
    As an eyesore in the heart of Paris lovers’ soul!
    Completed on May 5, 1889, it was meant to be
    A temporary structure, to stand for only twenty years-
    But it still stands today to greet the world
    With engineering wizardry without fears!
    The structure is maintained and renovated
    Every seven years with fifty tons of paint-
    Executed by workers who master acrobatic
    And climbing sports to stay free from ailment!
    The tower was about to be demolished in 1909
    With expiration of lease on the land-
    But its value as an antenna for radio transmission
    Saved it from the bulldozers’ hand!

    During its lifetime so far, the Eiffel Tower
    Has witnessed some strange scene-
    Such as scaling by a mountaineer in 1954,
    And parachuting off it in 1984 makes our blood thin!
    A journalist in 1923 rode a bicycle down
    From the first level stairs-
    And was greeted like a hero by the cheery crowd
    Waiting on lawn chairs!
    Politics has also played a role in its life
    Since it was opened for public view-
    While the Germans hung a sign on it
    During World War II with a colorful hue!
    Cuban revolutionaries displayed their flag in 1958
    From the first level of the tower-
    And, in 1979, an American from Greenpeace
    Hold a sign “Save the Seals” against the bullet shower!
    It has been a popular place to commit suicide
    Because it’s so high-
    And over 400 people have thrown themselves off
    Since it was built, for a deep sigh!

    The Eiffel Tower at night is one of the greatest sights
    That a tourist shouldn’t miss-
    Especially the twinkling of lights may enlighten
    The mysticisms followed by a kiss!
    The gold lighting highlights the delicacy of steelworks,
    Invisible in broad daylight-
    And this masterpiece of Gustave Eiffel will be cherished
    As the symbol of Paris with an impeccable sight!!

    August 9, 2003

    ** Named after Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (Dec. 15, 1832 –
    Dec. 28, 1923), French Structural Engineer. He was
    assisted in the design by engineers: Maurice Koechlin and
    Emile Nouguier, and architect: Stephen Sauvestre.

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