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Re: Pop can tabs -Anyone know where to bring them?

    YOU can send them to pop cans for charity as they have been dealing with
    tabs and cans for over 11 years now. This past year they have spent dollars
    in the thousands to help feed and supply groceries to numerous groups who are
    making meals for the hungry and needy especially children. Also they send the
    tabs from pop and beer cans to an Aluminum Recycling company and receive funds
    by weight for the tabs and turn those funds received for the tabs to a group
    that assists in buying wheelchairs for many needy people. Kudos to these
    retired fellows who do this no matter what the weather and see nothing for
    themselves but the joy of helping. On 10/10/07, Lookingforcharity wrote:
    > On 8/27/07, Kevin wrote:
    >> On 8/21/07, Bridget wrote:
    >>> On 8/08/07, jesse wrote:
    >>>> On 6/22/07, David wrote:
    >>>>> I have 10 gallon of pop can tabs. I don't know how many is in
    >>>>> each gallon, but there up for sell if anyone can use them.
    >>>>> David
    >>>>> On 4/03/07, JILL wrote:
    >>>>>> Hi Autumn,
    >>>>>> I just brought in those boxes to March of Dimes. But the kids
    >>>>>> are still collecting. I'm okay with selling them to you and
    >>>>>> then just donating the money to the charity of our choice. I'm
    >>>>>> not sure what a fair fee would be. What about $3.00 a pound
    >>>>>> (that's about one thousand tabs) plus shipping. Let me know if
    >>>>>> you are interested.
    >>>>>> Thanks, Jill
    >>>>>> WeOn 3/30/07, Autumn wrote:
    >>>>>>> Yes!! I have been looking everywhere for pop can tabs! I make
    >>>>>>> belts out of the tabs, and I have been looking for a resource
    >>>>>>> other than my friends!
    >>>>>>> How much would you want to be paid for them and how many do you
    >>>>>>> have? I would be happy to purchase them for a reasonable fee.
    >>>>>>> -Autumn
    >>>>>>> On 3/23/07, Mikswi wrote:
    >>>>>>>> On 3/06/07, Jill wrote:
    >>>>>>>>> Hi all,
    >>>>>>>>> My school has been collecting pop can tabs for a year.
    >>>>>>>>> We've got boxes of them! I'm wondering if anyone knows
    >>>>>>>>> any group (other than the March Of Dimes) who collects
    >>>>>>>>> them? Thanks!
    >>>>>>>> Email me for possible purchase. My daughters school is in
    >>>>>>>> competition with others in the area. If the price is fair, I
    >>>>>>>> will purchase them, to ensure her school wins.
    >>>>>>>> Thanks
    >>>>>>>> mikswi2000atyahoodotcom
    >>>> There are several charities who can use these pop tabs and would be
    >>>> delighted to take them off ur hands. however i doubt they would pay
    >>>> for them since their the ones who use the money gained to help serve
    >>>> others in need. I am currently collecting pop tabs for a local
    >>>> charity to help with breast cancer. If u have any u would like to get
    >>>> rid of no charge then plz contact me @
    >>>> also the ronald mc donald club house take them, just ask ur local mc
    >>>> donalds!
    >>> Hi,
    >>> My name is Bridget and I am an art student. I like to work with
    >>> recyclables. I am curremntly looking for can tabs to weave together
    >>> and make a wall hanging. I am willing to pay (a little, as I am still
    >>> a student). I am hoping to encourage recycling and and taking care of
    >>> the environment through my art.
    >>> Thank you.
    >>> Bridget
    >> Hello,
    >> I am looking to buy about 5 gallons of pop tabs. I can afford about $10
    >> a gallon. My plan is to make pop tab chain mail trench coats for some
    >> Halloween costumes. I just can't collect them fast enough.
    >> Please let me know if you can help me out.
    >> Thank you.
    >> Kevin
    >>> Hello,
    >>> I am a student in Toronto and am the charity head of my class. I was
    >>> wondering if any of you knew about a charity in canada that would accept
    >>> the pop can tabs that we have been collecting. I have heard of charities
    >>> that use the pop can tabs to melt and make wheelchairs for needy children
    >>> but we're not picky, as long as it goes to a worthy charity.
    >>> Please respond A.S.A.P.!
    >>> Emily