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    Re: Who else has to teach Read Well

    On 5/08/07, Clark wrote:
    > I use the kindergarten Read Well program for my special education
    > students. It works fairly well but I find my students need more
    > practice to learn the words. I decided to write some simple stories
    > for them to have more materials to read. That seems to help. I
    > share my stories for free with other teachers and parents on my
    > website Please feel free to use my site as a
    > resource for helping to support your Read Well program. If you find
    > the stories helpful, I encourage you to share my site with other
    > teachers and parents. My goal is to help students learn to read.
    > On 4/07/07, Shannon in Kindergarten wrote:
    >> I teach Readwell in Kindergarten and I love the small group
    > lessons
    >> and parts of the whole group. This program really focuses on
    >> decoding words, however, there are a couple of things that I wish
    >> were different:
    >> 1-I wish there was an intervention component for my struggling
    >> readers that seem to hit a wall by unit 10 in small group. My
    >> solution(or what I am attempting) is to just stop the Readwell for
    >> them(2 students) and just go back to word families/letter
    > tiles/fun
    >> games that hopefully will help them with blending and reading.
    >> 2-There is no time built into the whole group to show,model,do the
    >> games/activities that they will be doing at their literacy
    > stations
    >> while I teach small groups. I have to find another time to do
    > this
    >> with them.
    >> And, of course, there are other minor things that I have nitpicked
    >> but that I just live with(or change).
    >> I'm glad I found this chatboard and hope that I get some good
    > ideas!
    >> On 4/04/07, th wrote:
    >>> On 3/17/07, Third grade wrote:
    >>>> On 3/17/07, Praline wrote:
    >>>>> Yes Mindy, I support your opinion of Read Well and We Can
    >>>>> the preschool version. It is not a miracle worker. It is
    >>>>> supported by NCLB and one day I suspect we will learn
    >>>>> the "feds" pushing NCLB have stock in Sopris West, the
    >>>>> publishing co. My sympathies are with you.
    >>>>> On 3/13/07, Mindy wrote:
    >>>>>> I teach in a school that is insisting that the Read Well
    >>>>>> program is our miracle!!! I have very strong negative
    >>>>>> feeling about this program. Does anyone out there have
    >>>>>> those feeling??? I need some support.
    >>>> I was part of a group of teachers choosing between three
    >>>> intervention programs. We evaluated them and listened to three
    >>>> speakers. We chose Read Well as our third choice but our
    >>>> county chose it as first choice. (Cheapest Program) I felt
    >>>> like it was a waste of our time to evaluate them. We have
    >>>> since purchased Read Well Plus and SRA.
    >>> I taught Read Well at kindergarten level and LOVED IT. I now
    >>> teach in a different system and I am not currently teaching the
    >>> program. My students made more progress than any other year I
    >>> taught. Maybe it was just at the kindergarten level. 100&37; of
    >> my
    >>> students benchmarked and were reading well by the end of the
    >>> kindergarten year. Most of them have tested out of read well
    >>> plus at this time of their first grade year.

    I teacher ReadWell, and have been doing so for the last 5 years. It is
    fairly boring and repetitive for me,but that is not what matters. It
    really works for the students. I have been teaching for 25 years, and I
    have never had so many children reading at such an advanced level as I
    have for the past few years. I do enjoy the small group instruction a
    lot. I do have to adapt a little....there are not enough letter
    recognition or handwriting skills, but as a whole, I think it really
    works for the students. Our school system as a whole has improved in
    reading since Kindergarten has been using ReadWell.