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    Re: Tuition versus pay

    On 11/27/12, Jss wrote:
    > I just read that it is $39,000/year to attend John Hopkins
    > and get a Master's Level degree in Mild/Moderate
    > Disabilities. Is there ever going to be a ROI (return on
    > investment) to get an advanced degree in this state? Just
    > curious and wondering if anyone would ever venture to
    > invest that kind of money and effort to teach.

    If you want to get certified in special education just go to
    PIMA CC has online sped classes for less that $300.00 per
    class. If you are a certified teached in elem ed. you need
    about 7 classes not a Masters. A MA in AZ is not that useful
    certification is. If you do not have a BS than ??