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    My endorsements are English and History, secondary education
    (grades 5-12). I also have several masters credits toward an
    MA in history (I'm only 12 credits short). I've substituted in
    Bozeman and Livingston as well. I just can't support my family
    on a Montana substitute's salary ($60-$65 a day). Thanks, Tam
    P.S. I have also been an LPN for 19 years. I think that could
    possibly be an asset in a rural school area, right?
    On 2/19/07, Carrie wrote:
    > What is your certification in?
    > n 2/19/07, Tammie Maroney wrote:
    >> I graduated from MSU in 2002 and have found it nearly
    >> impossible to obtain a teaching job here in Montana. Many
    >> teachers come here to teach one or two years, then retire
    >> here. I can't compete with teachers that have 20+ years
    >> experience! I've become discouraged and have decided to
    >> move to Colorado. (My family lives in Fort Collins). I
    >> have been reading some of the posts, however, and now am
    >> even more discouraged. Is there a ray of hope out there??
    >> Tammie