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Re: License Application Question

    They really screwed mine up. I would turn one in 6 months in
    advance with them, triple check everything, and keep a full
    set of copies for yourself of EVERYTHING!I turned mine in in January as mine expired in the end of

    9 Days before my license is to expire I go online and see
    that my application was returned because the "Application
    was Incomplete"

    Good luck trying to talk to a human being on the phone at
    CDE. I had to drive down to CDE.

    I come to find out they lost a part of my application.
    Stupid me didn't keep copies of it. Lesson learned.

    What made me mad was they didn't even take responsibility
    for the mistake. They inisited I didn't turn in that portion
    of the application.

    Now I have to wait 3 days for my old application to be
    returned in the mail and then re-submit the entire thing and
    hope it gets approved in time.

    This same thing happend to another teacher at my school and
    it cost her her tenure.

    CDE is jacked!!!!!!!!!!!!