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Re: Retirement

    On 10/14/07, Hope wrote:
    > I have a question and would appreciate any information.
    > Does CO have a policy that prohibits receiving both a
    > pension from your school district and social security? I
    > am from CO and thinking about moving back.I became a
    > teacher 3 years ago in Las Vegas after being a waitress
    > for 30 years. I didn't do my homework and found that if I
    > take retirement from the district they will reduce the
    > meager sum I receive from S.S. This is dishearting, Is CO
    > the same? Thanks for the info.I believe that if you have previously held a job in which you contributed to Social
    Security, you will receive SOME SSbenefits, based on the number of years you
    worked and contributed, in addition to PERA.