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Re: University of Phoenix Masters degree
Rebecca Yound

    Thanks so much Lisa, I really needed to hear from you. I am
    going tomorrow night to sign the financial aid forms and I didn't
    want to spend the money if I couldn't get a job. I didn't even
    know that U of P had a program until I spoke with the hiring
    manager at our local school district. There are plenty of jobs
    in the school district here, I just wish we had a local
    university that catered to the working student as well as U of P
    does. I would much rather get a degree from a B & M school.Thanks again,

    On 1/28/08, Lisa wrote:
    > I am a working teacher with a Masters from U of P. From my
    > learning team of 5. 4 out of 5 of us have jobs...good ones
    > too. The one who doesn't found out after student teaching he
    > didn't really want to be a teacher. I would say most of my
    > class did get hired.
    > That said, most of us teach at charter or private schools.
    > I'm the only traditional public school teacher, but I work in
    > a rural area. I think a U of P degree is not impressive but
    > will get you a job if you are a good interviewer. Since you
    > are science, you could look into middle school. That would
    > make you more marketable. Elementary in the metro area in
    > fairly saturated, but I'm sure there are jobs to be found.