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Re: sped ed teacher job outlook??

    I am moving from Michigan with Sped Credentials. Would that look
    ok moving from out of state?Thanks

    On 6/15/08, Windsor Gal wrote:
    > Due to the influx of new teachers from UNC & CSU, the Loveland
    > and Fort Collins district are very competitive - even for
    > special ed.- unless you are willing to teach "severe needs"
    > students. I know that Greeley has been more desperate for
    > special ed. teachers this year. Also, smaller districts in the
    > area (Milliken/Johnstown, Ault, Eaton, etc.) usually have at
    > least one sp. ed. posting, but the pay is a bit lower than the
    > larger districts.
    > You can try applying "up north" first, but the Denver Metro
    > area will have more least you will be able to be
    > more picky there.
    > Also, be sure to apply for your CO teaching license at least 4
    > months before you get ready to look for a position. For some
    > reason, CDE is VERY slow with processing applications.
    > Good luck...Where are you moving from?
    > On 6/15/08, baby wrote:
    >> On 1/28/08, shannon wrote:
    >>> I am currently looking to move to the Loveland / Fort
    >>> Collins / Denver metro area this spring. How is the job
    >>> market here if I am certified in Special Ed and can I
    >>> easily get a job? Any input on the district or teacher
    >>> need would be greatly appreciated! thanks
    >> ThIs DoEsn'T HeLp Me 4 My ReAsEarCh.....