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Re: Where did you go to college?

    The best school for teachers is UNC (Greeley). It has
    always been the best. It will really help your resume.On 2/21/08, LookingForAChange wrote:
    > For the people that got a degree in education in Colorado,
    > where did you go? What are the best schools? I was
    > looking at Metro, mostly because of cost, but also
    > knwo several people that go there and love it.
    > I know I would prefer to teach middle school or high
    > school. Not sure what subject. Definitely not a math or
    > science, but history, art or English. I think I would
    > enjoy special ed. Would love to work with the deaf or
    > blind. I am kinda curious where I should go to school and
    > what it is like out there for these subjects. Thanks