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Re: Advice for a new teacher please? - dog has bad ears

    That is quite a difference either way, isn't it? May I ask
    what state you teach in? I'm really thinking about getting a
    Masters now, while I have the time. Thanks for the input!On 3/02/08, dog has bad ears wrote:
    > From a personal standpoint, I am so, SO very thankful I got
    > my Masters immediately after undergrad. I see some of my
    > colleagues try to work on it class by class as they juggle
    > work, family, bills, etc. I would encourage you to get your
    > Masters now.
    > Now from a payroll perspective - the district I work in
    > shows more benefit the longer you've been teaching. For
    > example:
    > First year teacher - BA - $33,388
    > First year teacher - MA - $37,196
    > 10 years teaching - BA - $46,242
    > 10 years teaching - MA - $54,560