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    Isn't that the way it is in San Diego in general? I lived there for
    quite a number of years and every job I had, I was treated like
    dirt. Employers there have a flippant attitude that they can get
    anyone to work so why treat their staff well. It sucks and I am so
    happy I don;t live in that rat race anymore.On 4/23/08, Rodeo wrote:
    > Hey TC,
    > I only went back to school for one year for the credential. But
    > it definitely was not worth it. The stress was high and hours
    > long. I think another subject would be ok to teach--but
    > definitely not math. I don't think I would want to teach physics
    > or chemistry either. Art or history or home ec would be all
    > right.
    > I did it for two years and it was awful. I never had a worse
    > job. I think it was an abusive job. I felt like I was treated
    > abusively by the principal. And the working conditions were not
    > just bad, they were downright abusive.