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Re: I want a chance to teach

    I was in teacher's lounge today and the subs there said that
    there are a million applicants for every job. St. Vrain just
    laid off 85 teachers and Denver closed a bunch of schools and
    laid off a bunch of teachers. Your best bet is to sub and
    get to know Principals. CO is tough place to get a teaching
    job right now unless you want to do Special Ed or Math *but
    you have to be highly qualified for math.
    On 4/28/08, Natalie wrote:
    > I went to college in Southern California where they told
    > us that many states love to have teachers who are
    > credentialed in CA. Is Colorado not one of them? I don't
    > have contract experience but I have four long terms under
    > my belt, and three were for 6 months. There were no jobs
    > in So Cal so my fiancee and I moved here to Loveland, CO
    > for a new start and fresh teaching opportunites here. I've
    > probably applied for 20 jobs within the last month.
    > Everytime I see a posting, I put in my interest and have
    > had no calls for interviews. Does anyone have any
    > advise? I have a great resume, but not the contract
    > experience.