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Re: Why no jobs in Loveland

    I tried switching careers and going into teaching only to find a billion
    applicants for every job. I guess there are shortages in Alaska or if you
    are willing to teach English in Japan. There are no shortages in Colorado.
    If they want a Masters in Education with 10 years experience, they can find
    it. I don't think this profession is worth the hassle given the competition
    and low pay. I am reverting back to my old profession as I subbed for 2 years in
    hopes of finding a permanent job only to find nothing. I even had 5 star reviews
    written about me but it meant little. Anyways, good luck.

    On 5/03/08, Natalie wrote:
    > I agree. Where are these elusive places that NEED teachers so badly?
    > Teachers are being cranked out like candy in a factory and I know the
    > government sees dolar signs from me with all my student loans, as well a lot
    > of others all over the country. All I want to do is teach but I'm beginning
    > to wonder if I need a back up plan.
    > On 5/01/08, jobless wrote:
    >> ...and the schools keep telling us that teachers are desperately needed,
    >> cranking out more new teachers each year that will find this is not the
    >> case. People need to get the word out to education students they may be
    >> wasting their time.