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Re: Is there anyone who likes their teaching job?

    I would say out of 15 teachers in my school, maybe 1 or 2
    really like it. It is really a burnout, although what you are
    doing is a burnout also. Problem with the U.S. is that we all
    work way too much. There are so many society breakdowns
    *divorce, kids lonely, drugs, alcohol, etc that are the result
    of this overwork and lack of time to make genuine connections.I will tell you the pros and cons of teaching:
    Summers off and breaks when your kids are off of school.
    At times it feels like you are making a difference in the life
    of someone.
    Bratty, undisciplined kids
    Horrible complaining by parents
    Very little support from administrators
    Long, long days, sometimes 14 hours a day
    Huge burnout in field
    Low pay
    You get sick alot being around kids that are sick

    It is a tough field and I don't really think many teachers
    are all that happy. It has high burnout.

    On 5/03/08, Allison wrote:
    > I know there are going to be some people who get upset no
    > matter what I say, but here goes anyway. I have wanted to
    > teach since I was sixteen years old and started tutoring
    > high school students. I ended up majoring in science at
    > university and got high paying lab jobs, instead of
    > teaching. I am now going back to school (at night) to
    > finally teach.
    > The only messages I seem to be hearing from teachers, on
    > this board and others is how much they hate their job. I
    > spoke about this phenomenon to the local school district
    > hiring manager (and this is the point that is going to
    > upset people) and he told me, "since most teachers haven't
    > held another job, they don't know what it is like in the
    > real world and think they are working too much". Before I
    > get really flamed, I should mention that I work 50+ hours
    > a week, 6 days a week at my lab job. I make twice as much
    > as the average teacher, but I also never see my kids and
    > would love to have summers off.
    > So, please someone tell me that they like their job. I am
    > really getting discourage at all the whiners and really
    > rude people on this (and other) boards.
    > Please don't make any rude comments, just plain honest
    > answers. If you are upset by my posting, I am sorry.
    > Allison