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Re: The facts for those who want to be PC
Get a life

    And now the excuses start.Facts were requested and facts were presented that you can't
    refute. Now you are making excuses.

    Quite telling.

    On 6/06/08, Goody Goody wrote:
    > CA is #35 according to the site.
    > These are "average" scores.
    > CA did pretty well for a being such large state that is
    > dealing with so many ESL/ELA students.
    > On 6/06/08, Get a life wrote:
    >> For those whiners who want to be politically correct
    >> and "goody goody"
    >> State SAT scores for 2007
    >> ts/pub/mws_am_ed_000924.hcsp
    >> Colorado #18
    >> California #36
    >> Not even close.