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Re: The facts for those who want to be PC
Math Teacher

    I'll bet you were first on line to condemn Galileo when he found
    the truth didn't agree with what people wanted to hear.On 6/07/08, CO Teacher wrote:
    > You, Rodeo & Get a Life seem very passionate about the facts
    > (and being "right") about CA teachers/education.
    > I just hope that you are all putting that same energy/passion
    > into helping your students to become lifelong learners.
    > On 6/07/08, Math teacher wrote:
    >> Your argument falls apart quickly when you look at the facts.
    >> All state measurements in the listing noted use averages. So
    >> it is an apples-apples comparison.
    >> ESL is also not a factor since the lowest states on the list
    >> are not ESL states. Are the people in Maine speaking French-
    >> Canadian and that is why they are so low? Is South Carolina
    >> now considered a border state? Why are Arizona and New Mexico
    >> so much higher than California? They have large ESL/Spanish
    >> populations.
    >> No, there is no ESL correlation. You are trying to dance
    >> around the facts.
    >> California education is in the lower 1/3 of the country.
    >> On 6/06/08, Goody Goody wrote:
    >>> CA is #35 according to the site.
    >>> These are "average" scores.
    >>> CA did pretty well for a being such large state that is
    >>> dealing with so many ESL/ELA students.
    >>> On 6/06/08, Get a life wrote:
    >>>> For those whiners who want to be politically correct
    >>>> and "goody goody"
    >>>> State SAT scores for 2007
    >>>> ts/pub/mws_am_ed_000924.hcsp
    >>>> Colorado #18
    >>>> California #36
    >>>> Not even close.