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Re: You lose, Rodeo. Try again.

    Rodeo, you've yet to include a verifiable fact in any of your posts.
    Please find one from a credible source and post it, preferably from a
    state or national study. Some of what you said is libelous, so I'll address it here:

    I've NEVER cast a slur on you, nor have I EVER called you a bigot. I never
    commented on your teaching ability (are you a teacher? based on your
    posts, I don't think so), just on your unwillingness to teach math or
    science and/or teach in low-performing schools -- both things YOU STATED
    in posts on other threads. I also never said you were stupid; your posts
    offer sufficient evidence of your intelligence.

    Your claim that I have slurred you is truly hypocritical (weak sauce, to
    be sure). Apart from making unsupported statements to the effect that CO
    schools/ teachers are better than CA's, the only thing you've done here is
    hurl insults at posters who question/ disagree with you, i.e. calling them
    leptons (I love it!), mental midgets, PC, goodie-goodies, Pollyannas, and

    YAWN. Get back to me with some facts, then we can talk. Until then, you're
    running against the wind. (Oh, and "et cetera" is two words.)

    On 6/10/08, california teacher wrote:
    > Comparing the demographics of Colorado to California is like comparing
    > apples and oranges. For example, I am a teacher in Californa. I teach
    > an ELD 7th grade science class. In my class, I have about 15 students
    > who are native Korean Speakers, 10 native spanish speakers, 5 Chinese
    > speakers, 2 Vietnamese and 1 student who speaks Portuguese. My school
    > is located in an upper middle class neighborhood of Orange County where
    > the median house price is about 600K. Now how many schools in Colorado
    > have a demographic make-up similar to my school. Not many. Now if I go
    > to our neighbor school about 4 miles down the road, the school is 95
    > percent hispanic with a high ELD population on free and reduce lunch.
    > Now when I was in college in Southern California, all of my friends who
    > were from Colorado were from white upper middle class families. When
    > Colorado starts putting minorities and white students from the lower
    > socioeconimic backgrounds into college, then they can start talking
    > about how greate their state is at education.
    > On 6/10/08, Rodeo--no facts in evidence for Co Teacher and ali wrote:
    >> Get a Life,
    >> How pathetic is it that Ali and Co Teacher always have to resort to
    >> unsubstantiated slurs alleging bigotry, stupidity, lack of teaching
    >> ability etcetera as their form of argument. It seems neither of them
    >> want to just discuss or argue the facts. This is testament enough of
    >> the weakness of their argument isn't it. Apparently, they are unable
    >> to make an argument based in fact since the facts are not on their
    >> side.
    >> What a couple of sorry losers.