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Re: The facts for those who want to be PC
CO Teacher

    On 5/02/08, Rodeo wrote:
    > Oh, please. We don't hate California people. We are just aware
    > that their values and academic abilities may not be those that we
    > want imparted to Colorado children.Rodeo,
    Please don't accuse Ali of my emotional response to your 5/2 post.
    I was the one who used the terms "ignorant, judgmental, biased, bigot"
    to express my objection to your views.

    On 6/10/08, Rodeo--no facts in evidence for Co Teacher and ali wrote:
    > Get a Life,
    > How pathetic is it that Ali and Co Teacher always have to resort to
    > unsubstantiated slurs alleging bigotry, stupidity, lack of teaching
    > ability etcetera as their form of argument. It seems neither of them
    > want to just discuss or argue the facts. This is testament enough of
    > the weakness of their argument isn't it. Apparently, they are unable
    > to make an argument based in fact since the facts are not on their
    > side.
    > What a couple of sorry losers.