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Math Teacher

    Just more excuses.On 6/10/08, Ali wrote:
    > ESL's not the only problem. Poverty and lack of parental
    > education as well as the way schools are funded add extensively
    > to the difficulties American educators face.
    > If you want to read up on our national education system, you
    > should look into Jonathon Kozol's Savage Inequalities and Shame
    > of the Nation.
    > On 6/07/08, Math teacher wrote:
    >> Your argument falls apart quickly when you look at the facts.
    >> All state measurements in the listing noted use averages. So
    >> it is an apples-apples comparison.
    >> ESL is also not a factor since the lowest states on the list
    >> are not ESL states. Are the people in Maine speaking French-
    >> Canadian and that is why they are so low? Is South Carolina
    >> now considered a border state? Why are Arizona and New Mexico
    >> so much higher than California? They have large ESL/Spanish
    >> populations.
    >> No, there is no ESL correlation. You are trying to dance
    >> around the facts.
    >> California education is in the lower 1/3 of the country.
    >> On 6/06/08, Goody Goody wrote:
    >>> CA is #35 according to the site.
    >>> These are "average" scores.
    >>> CA did pretty well for a being such large state that is
    >>> dealing with so many ESL/ELA students.
    >>> On 6/06/08, Get a life wrote:
    >>>> For those whiners who want to be politically correct
    >>>> and "goody goody"
    >>>> State SAT scores for 2007
    >>>> ts/pub/mws_am_ed_000924.hcsp
    >>>> Colorado #18
    >>>> California #36
    >>>> Not even close.