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    Re: Should I teach in colorado??? Advice please

    If you want to work in the mountains --note: very very expensive --
    - but are looking for an elementary art position, there might be
    an opening for the 09-10 school year in Gypsum, CO.
    And I'd like to just add that it took me 7 months to get my CO.
    teaching license.

    On 9/15/08, lee ann costello wrote:
    > On 7/24/08, Art Teach in CO wrote:
    >> We love CO, but the teaching job market is VERY competitive
    >> out here. Luckily, I have multiple subjects that I can teach
    >> and I have some experience. Art positions (especially in the
    >> high school) are VERY hard to find unless you don't mind
    >> teaching in rural areas (or in the inner city/tougher areas)
    >> Also, salaries in CO are low compared to other states.
    >> My recommendation is to start filling out applications and
    >> sending out resumes NOW! Do you have a CO teaching license?!?
    >> (It takes at least 6-8 weeks for them (CDE) to process your
    >> application/documents in order to issue you one).Also, the
    >> new school year starts in a few weeks (although some schools
    >> in Denver are on a year-round schedule),and sometimes you
    >> can pick up a job that was hastily/unexpectantly vacated.
    >> Please, whatever you do, DO NOT MOVE out here before you
    >> have a position...You will end up having to sub (with very
    >> little pay and no benefits), and there's no guarantee that
    >> you will get a position in the near future.
    >> There are a couple people that I know who have been looking
    >> for a teaching job for the last 2 years!
    >> So, be smart and CHOOSE WISELY.
    >> On 7/24/08, Cal wrote:
    >>> I was looking at Denver and it seems like a cool artsy
    >>> place. I'm an art teacher and wondering if it would be
    >>> worth teaching there? Would I be able to find a job? Does
    >>> it pay well? What's the economy like there? I notice many
    >>> homes are very pricey, some aren't. What's the cost of
    >>> living like? I know bills varie for everyone, but what do
    >>> you generally pay for food, electricity and gas there? Is
    >>> Denver a safe community? What other towns are near?