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    Re: Teaching Art IN Colorado

    On 4/18/11, Jamie wrote:
    Well it took 3 years for someone to respond to my post I no
    longer own a house,I am divorced,they are trying to get rid of
    me where I work ,art teachers are treated like babysitters so ya
    I think I might move on too,should have stayed in nursing school!

    > I completely understand! I feel that employers really have
    > the upper hand right now and can pick anyone they want. It
    > is beyond competitive and I know how to be competitive. I do
    > own a house too and I think I may need to go back to school
    > or just do something else for a while. That is just how it
    > is right now. It will eventually pass. I can only hope
    > because I love teaching and itís what I want to do. So, I
    > feel your pain!
    > On 9/15/08, Lee Ann wrote:
    >> I used to teach art in Colorado and am now teaching in New
    >> Mexico and am making more money here. Anyway I own a house
    >> in Colorado and cannot find a job teaching Art so am here
    >> for the time being. I went on a lot of interviews in
    >> Colorado and was told I was almost chosen, but it is
    >> extremely competitve and hard.