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    Middle School jobs--Denver east and south/Castle Rock areas

    Before you all yell at me and tell me to stay where I am
    because the supply of educators severely outweighs the
    demand, please be aware that I have been reading this
    board for over 2 years and am aware of current situation
    with regards to jobs in the Denver area.

    That said, my husband has put his own career on hold for
    me as an educator here in Georgia, and he has the
    opportunity to finally secure a position in the Denver
    area in the next 12-18 months that will make him the
    primary money earner in our family (rather than me). He
    is from Littleton, grew up in Denver and Castle Rock, and
    Denver is home to him. He wants to come home.

    All of that said, if we do indeed move, I will be
    attempting to find a middle school position somewhere in
    the Denver area. I am currently certified in GA in
    Language Arts (which is my primary field--I teach 8th
    grade), though I am also certified in Math and Social
    Studies (and have experience teaching both). I recently
    began the progress to obtain a teaching license in
    Colorado, even though I am not sure we will, in fact, be
    moving for sure.

    So, any advice you can offer would be greatly
    appreciated. I know you don't want me to move into the
    oversaturated market, however, I am simply asking for
    advice, district information, etc.