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    Testing Culture in Colorado vs Other States


    If there are any teachers here who have experience teaching
    in other states I would especially appreciate your opinion.

    I am a primary-level teacher in Texas looking to move to
    Denver and one of the reasons I am happy to leave Texas is
    the obsession with testing. After all, this was the
    birthplace of the beginnings of NCLB through GWB being the
    governor here and I think Texas like many states has gone
    too far with its focus on testing, connecting teacher
    pay/status with the test, teaching to the test, etc.. I
    have heard from colleagues who have taught in New Mexico
    and Georgia that there certainly are states that, while
    they obviously follow NCLB, are not as obsessed and
    test-driven as Texas.

    So my question is, how does Colorado stacks up in this
    department? I know it can depend on a district by district
    basis, but there certainly is a lot of influence from the
    top down on how the whole testing culture is. Should I be
    making the move to Denver if I was already put off by the
    Texas system?