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    Re: Teaching in Colorado

    What is ProComp? and pay by performance.? Is it true that 50% of
    teachers salary depends how well his student will do on the state
    test. If quit a few of them fail the test the teacher doesn't get paid.

    n 5/09/10, kk wrote:
    > What is a probationary teacher in Denver CO? Someone I know was
    > hired for the next school as a math teacher. Does it mean that next
    > year he will be most likely let go by the end of the school year.
    > That sucks.
    >> The last post is correct. In my district, we are closing a
    >> school at the end of this year. Many teachers have received
    >> their notices that they will not be returning next year, mostly
    >> all probationary teachers. This is affecting CO just like every
    >> other state in the country.