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    You can register for the PLACE exam and find more information about
    the exam on the official PLACE website:

    On 5/18/10, Moriah wrote:
    > I am in College now and need to take the place test before
    > December. Can anyone tell me how to sign up for it? The schools
    > office tried to but they are from a different state and could not
    > walk me through the sign up process.
    > Thanks in advance for any help.
    > Sharon - do not get frustrated this is your dream.
    > Thanks,
    > Moriah
    > On 5/17/10, J in Denver wrote:
    >> Hi Sharon
    >> Sorry you didn't pass the test, but don't get discouraged.
    >> Like I mentioned in previous post, it took me a couple of
    >> times before I passed. I'm not sure what study material you
    >> are using, but what helped me was a study guide from Mometrix
    >> Media. I took the Elementary PLACE, but here is the title of
    >> the study guide for the ECE PLACE:
    >> PLACE early childhood education (02) exam secrets study
    >> guide : your key to exam success.Beaumont, TX] : Mometrix
    >> Media, [2009?].
    >> I recommend requesting it from your local library. Let me
    >> tell you, the real exam was very similar to what's covered in
    >> this guide.
    >> Good Luck!
    >> On 5/11/10, Sharon Crolwey wrote:
    >>> I took the PLACE test and received my scores and did not
    >>> pass, I studied so hard that I am becoming frustrated.
    >>> This is the last leg of my journey to get the teaching job
    >>> of my dreams. Please help with suggestions and ways I can
    >>> study to get this torture out of the way. I graduated with
    >>> my Masters with a 4.0 average, why am I struggling so much.
    >>> Sharon