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    Re: Colorado Licensure

    I wouldn't be moving until next summer so I have some time to
    get my ducks in a row.

    But, what is the job situation like? I have NY and PA
    certifications in elementary ed and special ed (in PA I also
    have middle school certs but I'm not sure they'd transfer
    easily). I have experience as well. I have browsed the net
    and it seems like there are jobs available. I'm just trying to
    get a feel for what is really going on out there since trying
    to find a job from 2000 miles away might be tricky :P

    On 10/28/10, D wrote:
    > Just a word of caution...if you think you want to teach in
    > Colorado, you should quickly apply! Colorado is just now
    > going online with apps, but are having to work the
    > thousands of paper copies first. I applied in early August
    > and was just informed that the very long 12-14 week
    > processing time has since gone up to 16 weeks (and I hold a
    > current out of state license so that doesn't matter).
    > Apparently CDE has requested help in the form of new
    > positions but the powers that be will not approve it. In
    > the meantime.....many very good teachers with experience
    > can't even really be considered for vacancies... under the
    > state's current definition of Highly Qualified.