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    Re: Where are the Teachers

    No not the University of Phoenix. What's repulsive about wanting to work
    in an environment surrounded by attractive women (especially considering
    I'm a guy)? How is that not a legitimate concern? Unless your argument is
    that physical attractiveness and beauty play NO role in our society?

    On 2/18/11, jesusita wrote:
    > It's sad that there are legitimate posts in this forum that go forever
    > without a response and psyguy gets 5 responses in less than 24 hours.
    > Psychoanalyze that.
    > On 2/18/11, A Female Teacher wrote:
    >> PsyGuy,
    >> Guys like you are repulsive.
    >> On 2/17/11, PsyGuy wrote:
    >>> I already have my doctorate.
    >>> On 2/17/11, An Adult wrote:
    >>>> On 2/15/11, PsyGuy wrote:
    >>>>> So what districts and schools have the hottest teachers?
    >>>> PsyGuy...Time for you to continue your studies in grad school
    >>>> so you can score all of the hot chicks. Hopefully, you have
    >>>> enough brain cells to do better than the University of
    >>>> Phoenix.