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    Re: TAP: Teacher Advancement Program

    I have been teaching at a TAP school for 5 years now and LOVE
    it. I am now a mentor teacher (teach 75% and mentor 25%).
    Obvioulsy some don't like it as much as I do, but it has made
    me a better teacher, a better learner, and I see a difference
    in our kids' learning. Feel free to email me with any
    specific questions you have!
    On 3/11/11, Jill wrote:
    > I want to hear from teachers who have participated in the
    > Teacher Advancement Program (TAP). What are your thoughts?
    > Experiences? Likes? Dislikes? Our school is participating
    > next year. Teachers who don't want to participate have the
    > option to transfer to a non-TAP school, and I want to make
    > an informed decision about whether to stay or go. (I'm in
    > AZ, and TAP is pretty new here, so I'm reaching out to
    > teachers in other states who have had experience with this
    > program. I know TAP is in place in a lot of Colorado
    > schools, so any info anyone can give me would be very much
    > appreciated.)