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Re: Fall Season's Professional Development
mujeeb ahmed

    Dear Sir,I am sending my personal educational and qualification
    detail .I am sighted computer professional.I have done three
    years computer course and also doing msc in computer science.

    I have five years teaching experience in computer and also
    worked Two years in "The Blind Relief Association Dehli" as a
    computer teacher.I can teach fundamental of compter,
    Operating system (windows 95,98,2000)Ms-office,InterNet,Web
    browsing,language like FoxPro with help of Jaws 3.7,
    kurzweil-1000, Duxbury software etc.

    At present i am working Ahamdi Blind School. I wana learn
    advance tech. and more experinces.

    i want to work with your organisation please conseder my

    Thank's You
    Mujeeb Ahmed

    On 8/19/03, A/CPB Outreach wrote:
    > Welcome back to a new school year! Continuing the
    > tradition of quality professional development, the
    > Annenberg/CPB Channel is featuring a full range of
    > new programming. When planning for your
    > professional development needs, consider taking a
    > free, and conveniently scheduled, Annenberg/CPB
    > workshop or course. The complete Fall schedule can
    > be seen at
    > Tell your colleagues and contact us to facilitate a group!
    > New this fall are:
    > "Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop" for primary grades
    > teachers, September 15 - November 10;
    > "The Arts in Every Classroom: A Workshop for
    > Elementary School Teachers" for grades K-5 teachers,
    > September 19 - November 14;
    > "Learning Math: Number and Operations" for K-8
    > teachers, September 23 - November 4;
    > "Social Studies in Action: A Methodology Workshop,
    > K-5" for elementary teachers, September 25 -
    > November 20;
    > "Making Civics Real: A Workshop for Teachers" in high
    > schools, September 25 - November 20;
    > "The Learning Classroom: Theory Into Practice" for
    > K-12 teachers and teacher educators, September 26 -
    > November 14; and
    > "The Expanding Canon: Teaching Multicultural
    > Literature in High School" for English language arts
    > teachers, September 29 - November 24.
    > It's important to register now for the Fall season by
    > calling us at 1-800-LEARNER, or sign up at
    > .html.
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    > Annenberg/CPB with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center
    > for Astrophysics.
    > Annenberg/CPB Channel
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