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Fall Season's Professional Development
A/CPB Outreach

    Welcome back to a new school year! Continuing the
    tradition of quality professional development, the
    Annenberg/CPB Channel is featuring a full range of
    new programming. When planning for your
    professional development needs, consider taking a
    free, and conveniently scheduled, Annenberg/CPB
    workshop or course. The complete Fall schedule can
    be seen at your colleagues and contact us to facilitate a group!

    New this fall are:
    "Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop" for primary grades
    teachers, September 15 - November 10;
    "The Arts in Every Classroom: A Workshop for
    Elementary School Teachers" for grades K-5 teachers,
    September 19 - November 14;
    "Learning Math: Number and Operations" for K-8
    teachers, September 23 - November 4;
    "Social Studies in Action: A Methodology Workshop,
    K-5" for elementary teachers, September 25 -
    November 20;
    "Making Civics Real: A Workshop for Teachers" in high
    schools, September 25 - November 20;
    "The Learning Classroom: Theory Into Practice" for
    K-12 teachers and teacher educators, September 26 -
    November 14; and
    "The Expanding Canon: Teaching Multicultural
    Literature in High School" for English language arts
    teachers, September 29 - November 24.

    It's important to register now for the Fall season by
    calling us at 1-800-LEARNER, or sign up at

    The Annenberg/CPB Channel is produced by
    Annenberg/CPB with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center
    for Astrophysics.

    Annenberg/CPB Channel
    c/o Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
    60 Garden Street / MS 82
    Cambridge, MA 02138

    Tel: 1-800-228-8030
    Fax: 1-617-496-7670

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